2018 Convention

Arco, Italy

The EBA Convention 2018 in Arco is already history and now we can gladly look back on this excellent bonsai event. Many thanks to the participants (exhibitors, delegates, judges) from the member countries and to all organizers for managing the exhibitions, the evening events and the programme.

The NTC was successful and there were well-deserved winners:

1. Netherlands - Michal Mokry

2. Slovenia - Aleš Zavodnik

3. Italy - Filippo Mazzoni

EBA has also given awards to excellent exhibits:

Fagus Crenata - Mario Madez

Pinus Mugo - Stemberger Mauro

Olea Sylvestris - Nunes Jose

Shohin Display - Cotoneaster, Ulmus - Wijman Bruno

The winner of the European Arco Bonsai Contest 2018 was: Italy

Now we are looking forward to the EBA Convention 2019 in Albi in France

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