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EBA News 2017 Convention

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EBA News 2017 Convention
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- The Programme -

Friday 4th May – Sunday, 6th May, 2018


The event will be hosted by the Arco Bonsai Club, Garda Trentino, an organisation that has hosted 31 bonsai conventions every year since 1986. The events include two previous EBA Conventions and five U.B.I. Congresses.

In 2016, Arco bonsai hosted an event comprising an exhibition, demonstrations, workshops and a trade fair which brought in 56 bonsai traders from ten European countries.

Arco is located in a very picturesque setting in North-East Italy, located at the northern edge of Lake Garda. It has a number of attractions including a castle, museums and arboretum and is very popular with visitors.

Convention Centre Venue: Casinò Municipale di Arco.

The 2018 E.B.A. Convention will have as its’ headline demonstrator, Hotsumi Terakawa. There will also be:

  • Scientific lectures, sumi-e, kusamono and keido workshops.
  • Exhibition of bonsai and suiseki
  • E.B.A. New Talent Contest.
  • European Arco Bonsai Contest where a contestant from a society from each E.B.A. member country can compete.
  • Italian New Talent Bonsai Contest.
  • Gala Dinner
  • Organised tours of Trentino (on request).

The various bonsai contests will be held in a separate venue 150 metres from the main Convention Centre.

The principal hotel for this event is the “Palace Hotel Cittã”, Via Roma 10, 38062 Arco, Italy.a 4 star hotel. Within the same hotel group is the 3-star Hotel Centrale a little further from the convention venue.

Arcobonsai Club Garda Trentino

European Bonsai Association Congress, 2018.


* This is in addition to the Annual EBA New Talent Contest

On Saturday, 5th May 2018, the European Arcobonsai Contest will take place during the E.B.A. - E.S.A. - U.B.I. and XXXIII ARCOBONSAI CONGRESS, ITALY.

  • Entry to this contest is available to each member country of EBA. They may select one club which will nominate a demonstrator and one assistant to represent their Association at the contest.
  • Each member of EBA is asked to inform their representative before 31st October 2017 via e-mail to if they have a contestant for this contest. If they do, the names of the club, demonstrator and assistant should be submitted to Arcobonsai. (The names may be changed up until a week before the Congress).
  • The deadline date for nominations is the 15th December 2017. After that date, no further nominations will be accepted.
  • The participants must bring their own tree, tools, wire and all materials they need for their work. There is no limit to the species and size of the tree – it can be in the form of raw material, a pre-shaped tree or an existing bonsai needing to be restyled.
  • After finishing their work, each demonstrator will vote for the tree they like best, excluding their own. The winner will be the tree with the most votes.
  • A photo of the winning tree, the demonstrator and assistant with be published on the Arcobonsai website, the European bonsai magazines and the EBA website..
  • The work carried out will be over two sessions held on Saturday, 5th May:
    Session 1: 09.30 - 13.00 hrs.
    Session 2: 15.00 – 19.00 hrs.
  • Each participant will prepare a tokonoma to display his bonsai by 16.00 hrs on the 4th May in the exhibition area. The tokonoma will be displayed until 18.00 hrs on Sunday, 6th May.
  • Arco Bonsai Club will be offering two nights’ accommodation (Friday, 4th – Sunday, 6th May) at the 4-star Palace Hotel Cittã in a double room for each demonstrator and assistant. This will include lunch, convention registration, welcome dinner, participation in the Gala dinner plus free admission to the exhibitions and demonstrations. You need only to provide travel costs.



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